Stuff On My Cat, Animal Haven, UNICEF

So, how can this stupid cat get posted at and not Elvis?

(In all fairness, the cat probably isn't stupid—the owners are for being uncreative, and is for not choosing to post pictures of my fluffer-muffin and Jesus.)

I guess that means I'll have to go another round with Elvis and really dress him up.

In other news, thank you to...

Megan Pratt
Alexia Koukopoulos
Loretta Haberman
Kelly Hindson, and
Sheila Rambeck

for each buying $20 worth of raffle tickets for Animal Haven's raffle at the end of the month. Your tickets and 20 Times notebooks are on their way, ladies!

Also, I never updated everyone on the UNICEF team. Mindy Hupp, who became co-captain by donating $100, will also get a 20 Times notebook, as will Michelle Dougherty. Listen to this, remember in Save Karyn when I sold my Gucci purse on eBay, and the person who bought it paid me for it and then told me to keep it? Well, that's Michelle. She lives in Chicago and not only came to my book signing, but also gave me a check to UNICEF for $650. Yes, $650! Because I mailed it in, the amount didn't post to the team, but nonetheless, the team has ultimately raised $1,915 for UNICEF. Kick. Butt.

Speaking of the Chicago book signing, I forgot to write my update. Gosh, I'm so forgetful. You'd think I smoke pot. I don't. I'll write that Chicago update later. Really.