MySpace Guys

Okay, I don't know what's going on, but within the last twenty minutes, about ten single men want to be my friend on MySpace. Did they post my profile in a recently updated area or something like that? I might be excited if the guys were my type, but...

"Steve," who's 40 and lives in Massachusetts, wants to meet—and I quote—"some sexy rich bitch that enjoys sex."

"*Ask Me How Big My C0CK Is*" is a 17-year-old kid from Queens who... well, his profile doesn't say anything else except, "Ask Me How Big My C0CK Is."

"XxX MeLts In YoUr MoUth XxX"—although at 21 is a bit older and therefore more qualified than *Ask Me How Big My COCK Is*—wrote, "I know i younger than you but am into older women." His profile says, "I go to school and work so stop thinking that im a loser." Some of his pastimes include "hanging out with my niggas, eat, sleep, girls, and more girls."

How do I choose?