Love, Sex, & My Ex Contest Winner - Week 7

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
(Or Leaves Her in Daytona Beach with No Money and a Hotel Bill)

When I was a 22-year-old gal working my way through college, I hitched a ride with a classmate to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. We were supposed to share gas costs and a hotel room, but when we arrived, she ditched me to visit her boyfriend at a nearby college. Because of this, I found myself alone with very little cash and an entire week’s hotel bill hanging over my head.

Realizing I needed some money and quickly, I went to a bar that had been playing up a big dance contest with $1,000 offered to the best couple. Since I'm a pretty good dancer, I figured all I needed was a decent partner and my problem would be solved. The bar had several levels, so I went all the way to the top so I could look down and check out the dance floors.

Right away, I spotted an older dude who could not only dance, but was gorgeous, too. Since he didn't seem to be "attached" to any one partner, I gave him the eye hoping he'd notice. BINGO!‚—he did. After he flashed me the biggest "How you doin‚’?" (ala Joey Tribbiani) smile, the two of us worked our way through the crowd to find one another. When I saw him up close for the first time, I think I actually swooned‚—he was much better looking that he was from across the room.

After a few practice dances and moves, "Joey" and I entered the contest and won not only that evening's $1,000 prize, but also won the top prize for the next two nights running. Since he was sharing a room with six guys from his school that hvacationingioning with, he moved into my solo room on the third night. It was then that I discovered that Joey's moves on the dance floor were only a fraction of what he knew and could perform in the bedroom.

After spending a blissful week together, both Joey and I went home with cash to spare. Since we lived less than three hours apart, he came to see me at my apartment off and on through the summer. By fall we were still seeing each other, so he asked me if I'd come to a formal dance at his school. I, of course, said yes. Since he still lived at home with the 'rents while working on his degree, I made a hotel reservation for us. I then bought a sexy gown, got a pedicure and wax job, and headed to his city for what I hoped would be an exciting weekend.

The night of the dance, Joey picked me up at the hotel in a hot vintage sports car and took me to dinner at an excellent five-star restaurant. Unfortunately for me, the evening took a turn for the worse when we arrived at his HIGH SCHOOL homecoming. Yes, HIGH SCHOOL. It seems that my hot guy was only 17 years old‚—16 when we met. It was just a small detail that I never asked and he failed to mention.

Not wanting to go to jail, I broke things off with Joey immediately and never saw him again. However, you'd better believe that I've asked every guy I've dated since then their age before doing the deed.

If I win the book and I'll try to contact him—he's "legal" by now.