Die, Heartless Sicko, Die


Warning: Reading the following article may cause extreme anger.

Dog eats meat filled with pins

BTW, one of the charities I gave money to to "pay back" what I received from the original savekaryn.com site is Animal Haven, a NY-based no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary. (See thank you letter.) They're holding a raffle at the end of the month for a "Sun and Golf Weekend in Florida" (see flyer below) and sent me ten $2 tickets to sell. Does anyone want to buy them? It's $20 for 10 tickets. If so, I'll send you a 20 Times notebook in addition to the tickets.

I only had 10 tickets, but I called Animal Haven and I can get more, so let me know if you want them! The cost is $20 for a book of ten, and I'll send a 20 Times a Lady notebook with them.

You can pay in two ways. If you want to PayPal me the money, send it to karyn@savekaryn.com. If you want to write a check directly to Animal Haven, do that but mail it to me so I can get your tickets with it. I plan on going to get the extra tickets on Saturday, so mail the check by tomorrow or something to sure I get the check by then.

Paypal $20 to karyn@savekaryn.com

Make check for $20 payable to Animal Haven, but send it to:

Karyn Bosnak
141 Smith St. Box 1
Brooklyn, NY 11201