20 Times is the Aero Book Club Pick!

Amanda Holden has chosen 20 Times a Lady as the July book of the month for the Aero Book Club! Yay!

For those of you who don't know, Amanda Holden is a popular British actress. I wrote a post about her a couple weeks ago. Here's a link.

Amanda said:

"Bosnak's style of writing is very similar to Australian writer Kathy Lette. The story's a comedy of errors, a real page-turner and so entertaining. In fact, it's like having a best friend you can totally relate to, and it almost feels as though you've been jolted into the reality of your past! Many women will identify with Delilah's crazed search, so I'm recommending this book to everyone!"

Thank you, Amanda! I can barely contain my excitement. I mean, what if Becks reads my book?

What if Posh reads my book?

Wait, scratch that—we all know Posh can't read.

(Maybe Becks will read it to her now that he's gonna have more free time.)

OMG, what if WILLS reads it? (Harry would have to read it first and then give it to him—Harry is much cooler.)


And then what if she talks about it with people like JK Rowling?!

Which can only mean that...

If all this happens, then I will have succeeded in my quest to corrupt all that is pure and good.


Anyway, the Aero Book Club is a part of New Woman magazine. Buy it!

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