Brooklyn Bridge & My Boobies

I was just out running errands and decided to walk back to Brooklyn instead of take the subway because it's such a beautiful day. I'm wearing a strapless bra but I just took it off because it was too hot. So anyway, I'm sporting a magnificent pair of headlights, but I don't really care because I will never see any of the people that I'm walking by again. That's a cool thing about New York - it's so damn big that you never have to worry about seeing the same people twice. And also, you see so many strange things here that a woman without a bra on really isn't that big a deal. (Unless of course you're a teenage boy who's just entered puberty, which if that's the case, you're welcome for the boner, you little pervs.)

Okay, so right now me and my nips have just passed under the big cement structure on the Manhattan side and are approaching the middle. I have nothing more to say now except...

DAMN... this is one beautiful city.


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