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I don't mean to bombard you with posts about the new book, but it seems to be all that's going on in my life right now! (Well, that and I just learned that my mom was almost a Playboy Bunny. More on that later, though.)

While 20 Times is just getting out there in the US, it seems to be taking the UK by storm! My UK editor at Transworld said the book has been featuring in The Bookseller's "Heatseeker" Chart at around #5 for a couple of weeks now. Heatseekers are authors who haven't yet made it into the actual bestseller list.

To all the Brits reading this... I'll donate $1,000 to a much beloved UK charity if my book makes it onto the bestseller's list, so BUY THE BOOK PLEASE! And tell all your friends to BUY THE BOOK PLEASE, TOO! And then, when you're done buying the book, send me an email telling me what your favorite charity is.

And to my fellow Americans... (OMG, I totally just felt like the President when I typed that.) Are you going to let one of your own become a bestseller in the UK before here?!! It can't happen! (Totally kidding, of course it can—Brits, you go out and buy that book!—but you know what I mean.) Help a girl out and post the names of the most popular radio shows in your city so I can work it and get myself some American press.

Okay, to summarize...

"20 Times a Lady is the book of the summer! I devoured it from cover to cover while reminiscing about my own previous relationship hits and misses."
—Miu von Furstenberg from A Socialite's Life

"Don’t hate yourself in the morning for reading this book and liking it. It’s as irresistible as a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and goes down as easily. Laugh-out-loud encounters with old flames end in hilarious flameouts. The lively pace and outlandish story will keep readers hooked, but don’t skip the footnotes."
—Kaite Mediatore Stover for Booklist (US)

"A fast, funny and very enjoyable love story/road-trip novel. Whilst you may be able to predict how the book will end, you won't predict how Delilah gets there- and that's the mark of a good writer. The book speeds along, and there's a lot of surprises on the way to a happy ending. I loved the fact that the main character is a risk-taker, not afraid to seem stupid- and brave in sharing her feelings. And I frequently found myself snorting with laughter at her remarks!

After loving Save Karyn so much, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a novel by the same author—would the same big, sunny personality come across in a work of fiction? I'm happy to say it does! Delilah seems heavily based on Karyn's own personality and I think that's why she 's so likeable. But as to how much the experiences (and experience) Delilah has is based on reality, I guess only Ms Bosnak will ever know for sure..."
Diane Shipley for Transhionista (UK)

"Chick-lit with bells on!"
—Nottingham Evening Post (UK)

Named Twenty Times a Lady a "Glam Read." "Delilah always vowed never to sleep with more than 20 men. But now she's reached her target without finding Mr. Right, so she revisits her exes with hilarious results."
—British Glamour (UK)

"A comedy of errors, a real page-turner and so entertaining. In fact, it's like having a best friend you can totally relate to, and it almost feels as though you've been jolted into the reality of your past! Many women will identify with Delilah's crazed search, so I'm recommending this book to everyone!"
—Amanda Holden, celebrity bookworm who chose Twenty Times a Lady as the Book of the Month for Aero Book Club and New Woman magazine (UK)

"Sassy and fun, who doesn't love a good romp?"
—OK! magazine (UK)

"Making her fiction debut, Bosnak writes with a keen eye for comedy. Absolutely hilarious... [20 Times a Lady] deserves a place on all shelves."
—Library Journal (US)

"A positive message on taking risks and owning up to one's mistakes. Frequently funny... saucy chick-lit.""
—Kirkus Reviews (US)

"A zany American tale that takes you into the self-conscious world of a delusional young lady who has decided that 20 is the magic number for her."
—Western Daily Press (UK)

"In her younger days Delilah decided she would stop at her 20th sexual partner. Now 29, she is on No 19 and gets a big shock when she reads an article that tells her she has had almost double the amount of men as the average woman. With this depressing news Delilah decides to revisit her past "loves"–just to make sure she hasn't missed The One. But the question is, can you put a number on love?"
—The Sun (UK)

"When most people suddenly find themselves unemployed because of massive company layoffs, their first thought is to secure a new position ASAP. Not Delilah Darling. She instead sets off on a cross-country road trip... in an effort to locate all her past boyfriends, all in the name of not raising her already high number of lovers above a self-imposed limit.

Her theory is that if she has already slept with them, then it won't count if she hooks up and settles down with one of the best of the bunch for the rest of her life. Therefore, she would stop the clock at a "respectable" number, at least by New York Post sex-survey standards. The problem is, Delilah dated a number of real losers, and time and age have not remedied that fact.

The trip becomes a comedic mess as she vows to make the best of her second chances and to leave no stone unturned among the 20 former lovers. She will go to any length to make these "new" relationships work until she finally finds that love doesn't keep count and maybe relationships shouldn't be limited to just your number of fingers and toes."
—Tampa Tribune (US)