Love, Sex, & My Ex Contest Winner Delayed

Coming later today! Along with Chicago book signing recap and more!

PS - In case you're wondering, I'm late with everything I do, going all the way back to making credit card payments. I've tried to fix this flaw of mine, but it's essentially what brought me success, so I go with it now and try to do the best I can. Ha ha...

Seriously though, I read somewhere that people who are late are subconsciously trying to tell others that they're the ones who are in control of the situation at hand. I want you to know that this is in NO WAY the case with me, that my lateness is due to a complete lack of organization mixed with a little bit of ADD and a little bit of OCD. (The ADD and OCD are undiagnosed, but I'm pretty sure I have both.) Hmmm... a similarity between myself and the main character of my new book, Delilah Darling. Don't be so sure what you're reading is fiction. Wink, wink.

PPS - One more thing... if you really like me, you'll accept my lateness flaw and flightiness and still continue to read my blog and books. After all, this kookiness helps when writing posts and books which is why I don't try to fix it.

PPPS - When my editor Alison reads the above post, she will probably forward it to everyone she works with at HarperCollins with a sarcastic (but loving) remark like, "Hmmm... Karyn's late with everything she does. You don't say..." (I turned in my book just a wee bit late.) Love you Ali Cali.