Confession: My Own PostSecret

To those who know and love PostSecret, I stumbled across a site where you can post your own anonymous secret without having to make an artsy little postcard. Here's a link. I found out about it from my blogging friend, Tales of a Southern Girl in the Windy City.

I posted the following secret on the site (so I guess it's not really a secret anymore), so I'm hoping you'll all fess up and post a secret of your own in the comments section of this post.

PS - I'm not proud of the following secret, but it feels good to get it off of my chest. Here goes...

My Taiwan-to-New York Flight Secret
by Karyn Bosnak

I once pretended to be asleep on a 19-hour plane ride from Taiwan to New York so I wouldn't have to share my row with an old lady whose row was full and seat wouldn't recline. I know this isn't a big secret or anything, but I still feel bad about it because the lady looked really uncomfortable crammed in her chair and I had a whole row to myself, all three seats. Throughout the flight, the woman kept getting up and walking past my row (I was spying from the corner of my eye), looking for an opportunity to ask me if she could come sit by me. When one didn't present itself, she shook my feet, hoping to wake me up, but I ignored her and "snored" more loudly.

While I was lying there in my seat row, I pretty much convinced myself that God was going to strike the plane down to teach me a lesson for being so selfish, but then I realized that he wouldn't do something like that to the old lady because I had just screwed her over, you know what I mean? Like imagine if you were her... not only did you get stuck with a shitty seat while a perfectly-abled young lady (me) got to spread out in three, but on top of that, your plane crashes. I mean, God would never do that to her; she seemed so nice.

The really screwed up thing about all this is that, in some strange way, I felt like the fact that I screwed over this woman ensured that the plane would arrive in New York safely. Like my selfish actions saved everyone on the flight. Crazy, I know.

The woman was eventually able to find a better seat, so I felt less guilty about what I had done, but still... it wasn't very nice.

Anyway, that's my secret. I feel bad about it, but at the same time I can't help but to wonder... if I were put in the same situation tomorrow, would I do it again?

What would you have done?