Chicago Book Signing


I have a book signing TODAY in Chicago. Here are the details:

Who: Karyn Bosnak
What: Book Signing for 20 Times a Lady
Where: Barbara's Bookstore at Marshall Field's State Street, 111 North State Street, Lower Level, Chicago, IL
When: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Noon
Why: Because it's MY HOMETOWN!
BB's website says it's a "Book Signing Only," which I suppose means that I won't do a reading. (But I may sing and breakdance.)

Come, come! Please come!

Fun people who will be in attendance...

  • My sister
  • My beautiful niece Nora
  • My mom, the almost-Playboy-Bunny (Funny story for tomorrow...)
  • My best frend Naomi
  • Naomi's daughters Sidney & Sam
  • Paula, a fabulous family friend a fellow dog-lover
  • My cousin Shelly who is due to give birth at any moment (Things could get exciting!)

  • My cousin Katie who was a cheerleader in college (MEN - She's tall, skinny, blonde, and SINGLE!)
  • Corey, one of my very best friends
  • Corey's beautiful daughter Whitney
  • My Uncle Hank (After he read the back of the book he said, "Twenty? Sheesh... maybe by the time I finished high school." Ladies, he's 66 and SINGLE!)
  • Brian, an old friend who took me to see The Color Purple
  • Julie, a high school friend, former roommate, smart attorney, and loving mother of two beautful boys
  • The FABULOUS girl Michelle who purchased my Gucci bucket purse during the saga and then let me keep it (She will hopefully be there... she may have to go out of town)
  • Jen Lancaster, author of Bitter is the New Black and smart gal behind
  • Cami, my blogging friend and soon-to-be bride
  • Pearce, a college friend who was in the first book
  • Ron, a college friend who promised to run through Marshall Field's naked screaming, "Karyn, I'm your number one fan!"
  • If Ron doesn't do the above, I'm hoping my friend Mike will.
  • And... NUKES! (On the cover of the book you'll see that one of the guys is named "Nukes." The real Nukes will be in attendance.)
  • Joe, a friend from high school AND college, is really excited to be coming and might even wake up.

People who will NOT be making an appearance...

  • Mike Ditka, I called him and was like, "Yo, bitch, you coming to my book signing today at Fields?" And he was like, "Who in the hell is this?" When I told him, he started swearing, said something like, "Yeah, in your dreams, pansy," and then hung up.
  • Mayor Daley, see Mike Ditka conversation above
  • Michael Jordan, see Mike Ditka conversation above
  • Oprah Winfrey, see Mike Ditka conversation above

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicize my friend's business... VIP Sports Marketing. Please give them your business!