Free Book Fridays - Love, Sex, & My Ex Contest Rules

To celebrate the publishing of 20 Times a Lady, I'll be giving away 20 free books--one each Friday--beginning now through October 20th. In order to win a copy, you have to participate in my "Love, Sex, & My Ex" contest. Here are the deets:

Send me the funniest, most outrageous, or most embarrassing stories about...

your ex.
sex with your ex.
hook-ups with your ex's best friend.

Or tell me about...
the one guy you hooked up with on spring break.
that two-week fling you had with the stoner.
the dork you dated with the three-inch penis.

Basically, tell me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Tell me a story you've told your family and friends a hundred times.
Tell me a story you've never told anyone.
Tell me, tell me, tell me.

Despite the name of the contest, your story doesn't have to only be about an ex or sex, but it does have to be about a person you dated and/or hooked up with. We all have bad date stories. We've all done stupid things.

Tell me about your girlfriend's overbearing mother.
Tell me about your boyfriend's touchy-feely father.
Tell me about that guy's brother who walked in on you having sex.
(Right, like I'm so sure it was a mistake.)

Each Friday I'll post the best story of the week on my blog and send whoever wrote it a free autographed copy of my new book. I'm looking for FUNNY here, not Penthouse forum material. Like remember in Save Karyn when I told you about the guy my mom set me up with who put his retainer in while we were having drinks? Send me stuff like that only BETTER. Also, length doesn't matter. (Well, at least in this case it doesn't. Ha ha. Corny joke.) Keep it short and sweet... or don't, if you can't.

A few more things...

  • E-mail your story to me at mail [at] Please don't post it to my blog.
  • I'll send the books worldwide, so Brits, Aussies, Europeans--DISH!
  • Change names and details to protect the innocent. THIS INCLUDES YOU. Sign your story with a clever pen-name, something like "Hoochie Holly in Honolulu" or "Pristine Polly at Princeton."
  • Realize that I may edit some of your story. If it's too long, I may shorten it. If it's too... um... graphic, I may clean it up. Think Cosmo or Glamour for tone.

And one final note...

  • If you're worried about sending me an embarrassing story because I'll see your real email address and name, DON'T BE. I just wrote a book about a girl who slept with twenty men, a book I couldn't have written unless I related to the heroine in some way. (Mom, Dad, if you're reading this, I'm totally kidding.) I've seen and done some crazy things in my life--I harbor no judgment.


PS - Claire and Lara... my favorite worldwide travelers... don't let me down here. I know you girls have to have some stories in you.