Join My UNICEF Team... There's an INCENTIVE!

Join my UNICEF Team! I've donated $1,000 to UNICEF and I'm looking for you to match it. That's $5 from 200 people.

The first person to donate $100 gets to be my co-captain.

UPDATE: Mindy Hupp is my Co-Captain!

From my donation alone, the team is #3 right now. Let's give those Clay Aiken fans a run for their money! Show 'em that people who like to shop and charge things have a heart, too!

Here's a link:

And here's the INCENTIVE: As many of you know, I've donated the money I received from the initial Save Karyn site to charity. As an ongoing thing, I'm going to challenge YOU to donate the same amount that I've given, hence doubling the amount I was initially given. If this works, together we will have donated about $30,000 to charity. That's something, huh?

Other than the joy you'll receive simply from giving, every time your donations reach $1,000, I will track down one of the "numbers" on my list—one of my exes or a one-night-stand (not that I've that many one-night-stands...hee hee)—like the main character in my new book does, and write about it. Why would I do something like this? Well, I was thinking about doing something like this anyway as a fun promotion for the new book, but then I thought why not make you work for it and why not tie it to a good cause? This is what life is. We're here to help each other, we're here to inspire each other, and we're here to laugh—aren't we?

For those of you who don't know, the main character in my book 20 Times a Lady is freaked out upon realizing that she's had sex with 20 men, so she tracks down all of her exes with the hopes of settling down with the best of the bunch. She doesn't simply call all these guys though, she tracks them down "stalker-style," bumping into them here and there, making it look like a coincidence. Life for example, one of them is in rehab so she checks herself in—get it?

I realize that not everyone cares about my love life, and I also want to make it clear that I am NOT A STALKER, but I do think there's a certain amount of comedy in me doing ANYTHING because I really am a complete moron.

So the challenge is on. I've donated $1,000 to UNICEF. Match it, get personal joy from giving to people who need it, then get more joy/laughter/pity/insert your own word here watching me track down an ex. All we need is 200 people to give $5. C'mon... open those pockets. You did for me once... do it for UNICEF... do it for YOU.