I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my blogging friends, the people who read this blog, my website & my MySpace page. All the postings that say, "I went to the store tonight to get your book because I couldn't wait," make me so happy. THANK YOU! Everyone is so nice! It brings tears to my eyes, seriously.

Tell me the names of the stores that say they don't have the book, particularly the bigger ones, and the cities and states they're in, so I can tell someone at HarperCollins. Then maybe they'll call the bookstore and be like, "People want the book, see? Buy some! Buy some!" My Barnes & Noble today had them, and another in Manhattan near Union Square had them, so that's good. It will HOPEFULLY be in Target stores in September. The books there run on cycles so that's the earliest they would carry it.

XXXXX, Karyn