It's available! It's available! 20 Times a Lady is available!

It's out! It's available! I'm out of breath from telling so many people! Run to your local bookstores and buy a copy! Or better yet, buy TWO copies from Amazon - one for yourself and one for your best friend! Or even better yet, buy a copy for yourself and for all the men or women you've ever slept with! Hurry! Hurry! Make sure you get your copy! They didn't print that many and are likely to run out soon!

OMG... so my DAD is visiting right now from Arizona. AND he's reading the book in front of me. It's one thing for him to read a book that I wrote about a girl who's EASY while he's living away from me in Arizona. It's another to watch his expressions while he's reading it sitting three feet away from me. Hopefully he'll be gone by the time he gets to the guy with the uncircumcised penis.

Anyway, if you've already read the book and like it, please, please, please leave a nice review on Amazon for me. If you already read the book and didn't like it, then keep your opinion to yourself and have a nice day!

Coming soon, like in the next hour... THE LUSTY LOWDOWN... POLLS ABOUT SEX & ROMANCE! STAY TUNED!