Posts About 20 Times a Lady

Yowza! So, a couple people have gotten a copy of the new book and have written about it on their blogs. Here are the links:

- Manic Mom's Mental Myriads
- WOW... What a Day (She didn't exactly write a post about it, but at the top, where she said, "I do know I couldn't put my book down yesterday so I finished it! LOL It really was a good book," she was talking about 20 Times a Lady. Thanks Michelle!)
- Lusty Lady
- Level of Consciousness
- Ellen VS. the Modern Library (and other battles) She read the book and said... "Bosnak is obviously a more talented writer than her Internet detractors give her credit for." Thanks Ellen!
- Glamazon Life
- Sabrina's Money Madness

Also, the funny chick behind Nichelle Newsletter set up a blog called Stop Counting, and named 20 Times a Lady the official book of it.

So visit all these people and say hi!