Another Mouse Update

It's me again... I'm still blogging from my BlackBerry in bed. Elvis slept on the towel all night, so the lil mousie wasn't able to make a break for it. I got up and checked on him/them a couple of times, and when I did I heard him in there again, trying to get out. I momentarily felt bad, but only momentarily. Everytime he does it I bang the door to remind him who's boss (ME!) and yell, "Don't even think about it! You stay in there, where you belong!" I feel like one of those evil people who locks their children in the closet when I say this, but this rodent deserves it. Is his name on my lease? I don't think so.

The only good thing right about now is that the money I was waiting for should be in my checking account by now (direct deposit rocks), so I should have enough to buy a mousetrap.

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