My Starbucks Office III: Confronting Lenny... For Real This Time

Okay, so I'm trying to post this via e-mail using my Blackberry so I hope it works...

I'm at Starbucks right now sitting smack dab next to Lenny. Not only that, but I'm facing him - we're sitting on opposite sides of two tables that are right next to each other. Taking everyone's advice, I held my head high and said hello in a very friendly way when I walked in and saw him here, and he gave me the cold shoulder. Either he's embarrased or angry that I didn't call him back, or I just thought about this: what if he read this blog and knows that I've told everyone about him? It's not totally implausible. (I think that's the first time I've ever used that word. Did I use it correctly?)

You know, I miss the early days of, when my website was anonymous and I could write and say whatever I wanted about anyone and not worry about them reading it. Now I have to worry about hurting people's feelings and stuff, and I can't write about any of my dates for fear of the guys I'm dating reading it. Hmmm... maybe another another anonymous blog is in order.

Okay, I hate typing on my Blackberry, so more on this later.

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