20 Times News, Third Book, Paying It Forward

So, the galleys (uncorrected proofs) of the new book have gone out to press and my publicist is setting up interviews, etc. Rachel Kramer Bussel - writer, editor, sex columnist, reading series host, cupcake lover, comedy fan - will be interviewing me for the Village Voice closer to when the book comes out. However, she already read the book and wrote on her blog that she "devoured Karyn Bosnak's hilarious, fun and fast-paced forthcoming novel 20 Times a Lady..." Yay! It's not an official review, but it's still excitng to hear. You can click here for her blog, Lusty Lady. Warning to conservatives: she is a free-spirited sex columnist. (And I commend her for it.)

In other news, in addition to writing the screenplay for 20 Times a Lady for New Line, I'm also writing a teen book for HarperCollins. It was announced yesterday in Publishers Lunch, a publishing industry newsletter:

Karyn Bosnak's BEAUTY QUEEN, a girl crush novel set against the surreal backdrop of teen beauty pageants, to Amanda Maciel at Harper Children's, by Jennifer Unter at RLR Associates (world).

Anyway, so exciting things are happening for me! Gosh, to think all of this started because I owed $20,000! Just so you all know, as soon as I get paid for the screenplay, I'm donating every red cent that I received to pay off my debt to charity. I've been donating ever since I got my first book deal, but I haven't come close to $20,000 yet. People have the misconception that because I'm a published author I must be rolling in dough, but it's quite the opposite. For the past couple of years I've been making much, much less money than I ever did as a TV producer. However, I'm SO MUCH HAPPIER because I'm doing something I love. From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every person who helped me get to where I am. Whether you gave me a dollar or not, bought my book or not, I appreciate the support that people from around the world have given me. Pay it forward, pay it forward...

I'll keep you informed on the donating front. I'm thinking Katrina, a cancer charity (in memory of my Aunt Carol), and maybe UNICEF. I should give to one global charity because it wasn't just Americans who helped me. (Maybe an animal charity, too, because Elvis was such a big hit.) So anyway, that's what I'm thinking.