One World

Do you all know how YouTube works?

When people post videos, you can respond in two ways. You can leave a text comment like you do on blogs, or you can leave a video comment, where you actually tape yourself responding to whatever it is the person said/posted.

With that said, back in April some guy posted a video called "One World," in which he asked people to "make a stand, make a statement, make a difference. Write something, anything, on your hand and share it with the world. What will you choose to write?" Here it is:

The video received over 3,000 text comments and over 2,000 video responses from people all over the world. Almost everyone wrote "feel good" messages on their hands, things along the lines of...

One Love
Be Kind
Smile Often
Love Everyone
You can see the responses here.

After going through a number of them, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. However, I didn't just make my own response, I convinced Elvis to make one as well. Here they are: