Boycotting babyGap

I'm boycotting babyGap. I entered Nora in the 2007 babyGap casting call and they didn't pick her as one of the finalists. I'm not a stage-aunt or anything, who's trying to force Nora into modeling, but one of the prizes was a $5,000 college scholarship, so I thought what the heck?

Anyway, back to them not choosing her. I know it's wrong to judge other people's children, but Nora is waaay than some of the tykes they chose. I mean sure, there are some cute kids in the mix, but not all of them are that cute. (Does that even make any sense?) Here are the kids they chose:

And here's the picture I entered:

Yes, she's bald, but I'd totally buy the swimsuit if I saw this picture in a catalog, wouldn't you? Also, I worked for the Gap for a while when I was in college and was even employee of the month once. Not a way to treat your past employees, Gap, Inc.

You can call me a sore loser if you want, because... well, I am - but regardless, babyGap items will not be under my Christmas tree this year.