Golden Retriever Songs... and more!

Oh wow... this is kind of fabulous.

Heather writes and sings acoustic folk songs about dogs. She has four albums:

Boxer Songs - the ultimate gift for the Boxer dog lover who has it all
Canine Water Songs - celebrates dogs that love to swim
Golden Retriever Songs - that special something for the Golden Retriever lover
Scottish Terrier Songs - a must for anyone who loves Scottie dog
Here are some of my favorites. Have a listen...

The Pizza
This song is about eating pizza in front of a Golden Retriever.
I LOVE how she belts out "CHEEEEEEESE!" at the beginning, and then how she describes how grease drips down her wrist.

No Prozac
Heather's own description: "A trio of frustrated Boxer owners learn to come to terms with their dogs' lack of perfect obedience."
This one's got a lotta soul, I tell 'ya.

No Herbicide
Heather's description says it all: "Inspired by Perdue's recent research study, this is a jazzy reminder to Scottie owners to avoid using lawn-care chemicals."

Barney Says
This one is written from the P.O.V. of President Bush's dog, Barney.
Heather's description: "President George W. Bush's little dog is a Scottish Terrier named Barney. Some folks like the President, and some don't... but what would Barney say?"

Golden Oldies
I'll be honest... this song did bring tears to my eyes. It's about a Golden Retriever who's slowing down with age.


(Yes I'm making fun, but in all honesty I found the page while searching for Yorkie pictures, so I may be just as big a dork.)