What's YOUR number?

I did an interview this morning with Johny D & The Morning Crew from Tower 98-3 in Toledo, Ohio. We talked a little bit about savekaryn.com, and then about the new book and "numbers," and whether or not "20" is high for a woman. I thought about this before I wrote the book. You see, in New York, where people stay single longer, I think it's pretty common for a woman to sleep with twenty men. But in the rest of the country, I'm not so sure.

So, I have two questions for you...

1) Would you consider a woman who's number is "20" a slut? Like men, if you were dating someone and she told you she slept with nineteen other guys before you, would you be like, "Man, girl gets around..." Or would you not think twice about it?

2) What's your number? I've never really asked.

<---- Polls are to the left. For the first question, I'm not giving you a "maybe" answer choice, because that's just an easy way out. And don't tell me what you want to think, tell me what you really thing. Like maybe you don't want to think "20" is high, but you can't help the fact that you do. Or maybe you don't give a crap about it and feel guilty, because you should care, right? What really goes through your mind?

As for the "What's your number?" poll, I made two: a pink one for women to take, and a blue one for men.

To leave on a funny note, I used to talk about spending too much money during interviews, now I just talk about sex. With that, I've discovered a new motto, one aimed toward men who might be considering asking me out...

"Gentlemen... I might spend all your money, but at least I put out." ;)