"Titmen" are Pigs

So I just spellchecked something I'm working on, and spellcheck flagged the word "bullshit" and wanted to replace it with the word "bushtit."

Okay, um... is this a word?

I just looked it up and apparently it is. I found two definitions...

n. Either of two small, long-tailed birds (Psaltriparus minimus or P. melanotis) of western North America, having predominantly gray plumage.

active gray titmice of western North America

Okay, um... titmice?

n. pl.
Any of numerous small insect-eating passerine birds of the family Paridae, found in woodland areas throughout the world and including especially members of the genus Parus, such as the chickadee. See Regional Note at tit1.

Okay wait, so you can just call a titmouse a tit?

  1. A titmouse.
  2. Any of various small, similar or related birds.
Yes, you can.

Tit is an old Germanic word for “small” and is used in various northern European languages to refer to small objects, animals, or people, especially girls. The word is most common in American English in combinations that denote various small birds, such as the titmouse or tomtit. A titman in the 19th century could mean a small or stunted person, as Henry David Thoreau indicates when he calls his generation “a race of tit-men.” Tit and titman are still used in New England, mostly by farmers to refer to the runt of a litter of pigs.

I always thought a "titman" was guy who liked boobs, much in the same way some men are "assmen." Who knew it's a small/stunted person? Or better yet, a pig who's a runt.

So see, the next time some pervert tells you he likes your tits, it's completely acceptable to call him a pig, because that's what titmen are.

I know, I know... am I a thirty year old woman or a teenage boy? I'm a woman, but I can't help but to find humor in all this.