Kicking Shins

I was just IMing with Manic Mom and we were discussing ways to increase traffic to our blogs. I suggested we mud wrestle and she said...

ManicMom (5:01:33 AM): ha. you would kick my butt even tho I'm bigger than you.

Karyn (5:02:05 AM): i kicked a girl in the shins in high school once
Karyn (5:02:09 AM): im not proud of it

ManicMom (5:04:00 AM): i hit a guy over the head with my skateboard when he called me an ape.

Karyn (5:04:23 AM): that's awesome

ManicMom (5:08:15 AM): It was a lime green skateboard, and I ran like hell after I hit him over the head, screaming and crying the whole way, fearful that he would catch me and beat the sh*t out of me.

So, now I open this up to you... what are some things you've done that you aren't proud of? Physical things, like slapping someone, pulling their hair, etc. Dish.

PS - I talk about my shin-kicking incident to this day. When I get into an argument with someone, I jokingly say, "You better watch out or I'm gonna start kickin' some shins!"

PPS - I just remembered another one... I once bit my sister on the shoulder because she wouldn't get out of my room. I got in HUGE trouble. HUGE. "Animals bite, not people!!!" my mom screamed.