When Parents Abuse Email

My parents are on the verge of getting their e-mail taken away. Yes, like a mother giving her toddler 'til the count of three to cease unacceptable behavior, I'm at two and three-quarters with them. Seriously, if they forward me one more joke, cartoon, chain letter, prayer, or warning about things like mall parking lots, freezing plastic bottles, and bagged lettuce (okay, fine--this one turned out to be true), I'm gonna go all 'war games' on them and send them a nasty virus that'll shut down their whole system. If they used email to actually communicate with me, I wouldn't mind the occasional joke. But they don't use it to communicate. And they don't send me the occasional joke. These emails are coming in on a daily basis.

I know, I know--just don't read the emails, you say. Delete them. Well, I tried that and it only made matters worse. My Dad actually called me on the phone and started reading them to me. Honest to God--this is how it went down:

2 days ago, via phone:

Dad: Hey, did ya get that one joke I sent?
Me (being vague): Uh... no... maybe... I'm not sure...
Dad: It was a thing by Robin Williams. He was wearing an "I Love NY" shirt that was written in Arabic, and-- well, here... let me go get it and read it to you.
After waiting for my dad to boot up the ole Commodore 64 (okay, slight exaggeration, but I do think he still has dial-up) and find the joke, I sat and listened while he read the entire thing to me from beginning to end. When he was finished:
Dad: That Robin Williams sure is funny. I can just hear him saying those things, can't you?
Me: Sure.
Thinking my dad was finished reading to me, I started to talk about something else. However, I felt like what I was saying was going in one of his ears and out the other. He was looking through his in-box again, I could tell. Suddenly, in the middle of me saying something he cut me--
Dad: Here, listen to this. This one's funny.

Needless to say, my dad read me another joke. And then another one. And then he actually described a cartoon to me in detail.

I assume I'm not the only person this has happened to. Perhaps we can start a chain letter that our parents can send to all their friends (because you know they will) telling them that if they stop forwarding jokes, cartoons, prayers, warnings, and chain letters (with this exception of this one, of course), they will receive...

- FREE MONEY from Bill Gates and Microsoft
- A FREE COOKIE RECIPE from Neiman Marcus, or
- GOOD LUCK from an angel

(\          /)
( \ __ / )
 ( \ ( ) / )
  ( /<>\ )
  ( / \/ \ )
   / \
  ( )

What do you think?