Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I did a radio interview this morning with Rick & Brad from KATT-FM 100.5 FM in Oklahoma City. They were cool. We talked about the NY Post article, particularly the reasons women gave for knocking a few men off their "number"...


  • If he yells out another woman's name
  • If one or both of you ends up gently weeping
  • If he might be gay
  • If he took you out for a vegan meal first
  • If you're drunk, or you could have been drunk had you been drinking
  • If you just gave up smoking
  • If you just gave up having meaningless one-night stands
  • If it's Tuesday
  • If he's small
  • If he's small-minded
  • If he's Jared Leto
They asked me what the best excuse I heard while doing research was, and I drew a blank. I guess the most common excuse was, "It was barely in, so it doesn't count," which is total bull, because it's either in or it's out--you know what I mean? So anyway, while this might be the most common, I don't know if I'd say it's the best excuse.

So help me out, aside from the above, what are some excuses you've used to not add someone to your number? BE HONEST.

(By the way, if I applied the above excuses to my number, I'd stil be a virgin. Okay fine--maybe not a virgin, but I'd be damn close.)