My Friend Randy

For all those who read Save Karyn, this is my friend Randy, who I wrote about in the second half of the book. Randy and I were the producer/editing team for a show called "Dog Days" on Animal Planet. He was one of the few people who knew about from the get-go, and helped "support" me when I was broke by giving me things for free, like beer.

And this is where I talk him up...

"New York City indie director Randy Slavin, the best since Kubrick...

Kidding. He doesn't need me to talk him up--his BRILLIANT work speaks for itself. And now... "Double-O-Stachus."

Here's the quick story... Randy was backstage with his friend Ryan Star (the guy from Rock Star TV show--they've been friends since they were little), and they were bored while waiting for Ryan to go on, so they wrote, directed and shot this in a half hour. Also in it is Cheyenne Kimball (the girl from the MTV show "Cheyenne"), and of course Randy, as Stachus.

To view some of Randy's other work, please visit his YouTube page, Videethis.

UPDATE: Someone asked about my old roommate Scott from the book. He still lives in New York and we are still friends. Pics of him and his insane Jack Russell Terrier Veda can be seen on my MySpace page.

As for Potentially Gay Brad, the last I heard he left NYC and moved to the midwest somewhere. (Maybe Chicago?) He has not tried to contact me or anyone else I know, so the status of his sexuality remains unknown.