Feel My Boobies

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. While I was browsing around online, I came across a website called Feel Your Boobies.

It was started by a breast cancer survivor to raise money and awareness for the cause. The name of the website not only made me laugh, it made me want to get involved.

I briefly thought about starting my own charity called "Feel My Boobies." I could sell t-shirts that we could wear around town, inviting strangers to fondle us.

However, after giving it some thought, I decided against it. No one wants strangers to fondle them. I certainly don't. (People I know, on the other hand, are more than welcome to feel me up.)

Instead, I donated $1,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and I'm looking for you to match it. Y'all were champs for UNICEF back in July, so open those wallets once again if you can. All we need is $5 from 200 people to meet the goal. Here is my team page:

Karyn Bosnak Team

As a bit of incentive, anyone who donates at least $20 will get a little 20 Times a Lady notebook:

And, anyone who donates the entire $1,000 will get to feel my boobies. Seriously. For like five minutes, I'll totally let you.