Jennifer Aniston on Oprah

A friend just left a taping of Oprah. The guest was Jennifer Aniston. My friend was in a rush to get somewhere so I didn't get all the details. However, she said that Jennifer Aniston...

- is stunningly beautiful.
- denied having breast implants. (Was this a rumor? Shows you how up I am on celeb gossip.)
- confirmed that she and Vince Vaughn are still together.

UPDATE: This post has been linked to from A Socialite's Life, Just Jared, Popsugar, Glitterati, and Staralicious.

A gazillion other blogs/websites have also repeated this apparently titillating info, but they seem to be crediting the info and linking back to Just Jared. (Damn him. Stealing my thunder and hits.)

I have to laugh that I'm a source of celebrity gossip. I called my friend Naomi (who I wrote about in Save Karyn and who was the friend that went to the taping) and was like, "You're being called a celebrity insider." She's now making me call her "Deep Throat." Little does she know that I've been calling her that behind her back for years, but for a completely different reason. (I'm totally kidding; that was for Jamie.)

Oh, and to the people laughing that my friend said JA is beautiful... SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, jealous bitches!