My Cat Drools

Okay, I'm not sure what's wrong, but Elvis seems to be drooling a lot lately. I'm not talking a little drop hangs from his mouth or anything, I'm saying that I'm finding puddles of drool all over the apartment. Why oh why is he drooling? See what I mean?

It's over there to the right. A big drool string. I'm taking him to the vet next week to figure out what's wrong, because it just can't be normal, right? Right. I did an internet search, and read something that said cats drool when they're happy. Maybe that's what's going on with him.

UPDATE: Elvis stopped drooling a few days after I wrote this, and the vet said he's fine (after he shoved a thermometer up his tush.) He said he might've had some food stuck between his teeth or something like that.