Uggs are Ugly

Why is everyone and their mom wearing Uggs? I mean, let's be honest—they're ugly. Butt, butt-ugly. They're the Moon Boots of this decade. One day we'll look back at them like we do shoulder pads and fluorescent disc earrings and ask ourselves, "What in the hell were we thinking?" Uggs are dumpy, frumpy, and make even the tallest women look stumpy.

Now, I can understand why you might want to wear them if you live in the tundra—but in LA? No. When you're wearing a dress? No, again. When you're out on a Friday night in Manhattan? Absolutely not. Every store is sold out of them, which is a blessing in disguise for all the Ugg-less women out there. Believe me, it's a good thing you can't get your hands on them. One day you'll look back at photos of people schlumping around town in them, and you'll be thankful that you were late jumping on the bandwagon.

Uggs = Ugly.