Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

This past Thanksgiving, my sister, her husband and I—the eternally single sibling who now travels with her dog—went to Rhode Island for the weekend. The first place we visited was Providence, which, despite the fact that nothing much goes on there, is a delightful town. Sure, there are a lot of cute houses, colleges, and one heck of a mall, but that's pretty much it.

The second place we visited was Newport, and WOW is it cute. It's right on the water and is so adorable. We went on a tour of a castle where he Vanderbilts used to live called "The Breakers." It was ENORMOUS. I wonder why they felt like they needed such a big house. It seems like a waste of space.

The hotels in Rhode Island didn't allow dogs, so I had to sneak Bev in and out in her bag. She couldn't parade in and out like she usually does, but she got over it. I don't understand why some hotels don't allow dogs. They let bratty kids run up and down the hallways like little hooligans, making noise and spreading germs by touching everything with their sticky little fingers, but my little baby who just got a BATH and was wearing a cute little blue sweater (btw, she was WAY better dressed than most people there) had to sneak around inside in a bag. It doesn't make any sense.

Anywho, does anyone know why Rhode Island is called Rhode Island? I mean, it's not an island.